Recruitment agency specialized in the BTP and the engineering
Together towards the success

Domaine of competition

Our knowledge expresses himself above all on the knowledge of the Human resources: we propose you services around two main trunk roads.

- Find the candidates
- Through a network candidates in France and on the international stage,.
- Through my accesses to the various databases,.
- Through my daily and personalized conversations(maintenances)..
- Through my network acquired for more than 4 years

- Analyze the candidates
- A study of their experience,
- A systematic control of their professional references and their capacity of adaptation,
- An appreciation completes of every candidate, so on the professional level as behavioral,
- to Determine their added value and to verify their adequacy to the culture of the company,
- to Encircle their potential and their wish of evolution.

These two know-how conjugate with a big capacity of ability to react, It it expresses itself the spirit HILLE CONSEIL…

To guarantee you a level of satisfactory service, we recommend a personal relation

For that purpose, the pole BTP - engineering stays has your arrangement and proposes you:
- A double technical skill(competence) / rh
- Our training(formation) of consultant has convincing technical methods,
- our strength of consultant rest in the knowledge of the job concerns.

Our commitments of commercial person in charge:
- We present only candidates whom we estimate(esteem) in measure to settle functions(offices) of the post,
- this stage differentiates the candidates on the differences of personality, adaptability, the technical analyses having beforehand been validated by HILLE CONSEIL.

We join an approach of quality and commitment